A number of parishioners travel to the prison in Cowansville where they pray and reflect on Scripture with a group of inmates.

After parishioner Robert Morell first visited the men's prison in Cowansville, he wrote:

"We do not know what crimes have landed them in prison, maybe it’s better like that, but several thoughts filled my head in the following days. That in these men, as in all men, there is good, if allowed to express itself. That God is a forgiving God and we are the instruments of his forgiveness. That even after years of incarceration, men can still grow and improve, physically and spiritually, given the opportunity. That there is hope. That the Hollywood perception of prison life does not reflect reality. There was none of the distrust and suspicious nature I had expected. They were a friendly, cohesive group expressing camaraderie with each other and with us. I know that I have much to learn from them."