Incumbent:  The Rev'd Grace Burson 

An interview between parish newsletter editor Barbara Peden and Rev'd Grace for the 2018 Summer edition: "Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, Grace holds degrees from Williams College and Yale University, and previously served two Episcopal congregations and one Lutheran parish in New Hampshire. We got acquainted with the Rev. Burson by email. “I grew up as the Sunday School lady's daughter; my mother not only ran the children's programs at our local parish, but was and is a writer and illustrator of children's church materials ( So when I was a kid, if we weren't at school or at home, we were probably at church! “In my teens and early twenties, I was somewhat resistant to the idea that I might be called to the ministry, but the Holy Spirit wouldn't leave me alone, and I began the formal ordination process in my third year of seminary. My call to the ministry is rooted in the priestly functions of preaching and the sacraments; from these central elements flow all the rest of the life of a Christian community. “I was ordained deacon in June of 2008, in Connecticut, the diocese where I went through the ordination process. In September, we moved to New Hampshire, where I served as curate of Grace Episcopal Church in Manchester, the largest city in the state (and one with a significant French-Canadian history and cultural presence) for three years. “From October of 2011 to October of 2015 I was rector of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Plymouth, NH, about an hour north of Manchester, a small town near the White Mountains which is also the home of Plymouth State University. Finally, I served for two years as Associate Transitional Pastor (an assistant interim, essentially) at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Newington, NH, on the Atlantic seacoast. I sincerely hope to stay put for longer this time around!” Rev. Burson lived in England and Germany, as a student. “I spent my junior year of college (1998-99) in Oxford, England, on an exchange program, where I wore an academic gown while riding around town on a bicycle, sang in the Bach Choir and the Corpus Christi College chapel choir, went punting, beat the bounds* on Ascension Day with the University Church, and generally behaved like an insufferable Anglophile. “Then, in 2005-06, my then-husband and I moved to Konstanz, Germany, for a year, so he could complete the research for his dissertation on the social and economic history of the region in the late Middle Ages. I knew very little German when I arrived, but I learned enough that it's now a challenge for me to access my high school French because the German vocabulary and grammar often pop up first, but I'm sure that will change.”

Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Gibb

Office hours: 9:30am - 3:30pm Tuesdays - Fridays Tel: 514-631-3601


Treasurer: Trevor Smith

Trevor and Carol Smith joined the former Parish of St. Andrew & St. Mark in 1976. In the earlier years, Trevor served on the building committee and prepared the schedule of readers, intercessors and lay assistants. He later served as a sidesperson, lay assistant and collection counter. It was in 2005, when Trevor retired as athletic director at Lower Canada College and Carol from the Pointe Claire Library, that their involvement at 865 Lakeshore Drive increased. Trevor has served as a warden, a reader, lay assistant, coordinator of counters, and became parish treasurer when Linda Smith retired. He has coordinated the semi-annual garage sales and done his best to find solutions when building problems occur. Major projects included the basement floor and the replacement of the sewage pipes.

Wardens:  Nancy Longworth Hamilton, Raymond Noël

Nancy Longworth Hamilton grew up in Church of the Resurrection and after leaving for a few years rejoined COTR with her husband 32 years ago. She was the Parish Administrator at COTR for nine years before leaving to pursue full-time employment. Although Nancy has been a long-time member of COTR she was baptized at St. Mark’s. Over the years she has been active at the diocesan level but is now prioritizing our new parish of All Saints by the Lake. She looks forward to seeing what we will become as we grow and develop as a new congregation.

Deputy Wardens: Laura Hill, Suzanne Taylor

Laura Hill  and her husband joined the Church of the Resurrection 32 years ago. “The warm welcome
and friendships with other young families encouraged me to stay.” She enjoyed working on theme
dinners, Christmas bazaars and many administrative tasks. Laura also enjoys singing in the choir. She even took “a leap of faith” and tried liturgical dance, and found it a moving experience. Laura is also very busy coordinating the duty roster here at All Saints by the Lake.

Lay Readers:  Yvonne Bayne, Bob McLachlan, Yvonne Wakeland, Mark Weatherly

Lay Readers' Association of the Diocese of Montreal

Yvonne Wakeland immigrated to Canada from Jamaica in 1957.  After graduating from the Royal Victoria Hospital, she worked as an occupational health nurse and owner of a health care agency until 2000.  Over the years, She has been a Warden, Bazaar convener, chalice administrator, Synod delegate, Facilitator of Disciples of Christ in Community (DOCC) programs and led Bible Study in Montreal, Sutton and Ottawa.  She also served on the Lay Education committee for the Diocese of Montreal and the Corporation of the Diocesan Theological College.  In 2003 she was commissioned as a Lay Reader, and graduated in the Education for Ministry (EFM) program in 2008.  She also loves to sing and play tennis and golf.  Throughout her life she has participated in various fundraising activities for local churches and the Diocese and she is happy to continue serving in the mission and the ministry of the church.  We certainly are happy to have her on the team! In November 2018 Yvonne became an Emeritus Lay Reader.

Meditatio Leader:  Stacey Neale