PWRDF fundraiser, dinner

A reception and symposium were held at the Royal Victoria Hospital on May 15, 2019 to raise funds for the PWRDF project in maternal, newborn and child health in East Africa and the MUHC Birthing Centre. The partnership aims to improve quality and access to maternal health care through increased nursing and midwifery support for women and their babies here at home and in Africa. Several of our parishioners attended. Parish PWRDF rep Pam Manning reports that thanks to a generous donor and the promise by the federal government to match by six times the amount raised, the PWRDF will gain $3,465! Our parishioners recently purchased two farms! The farm project was also part of the maternal health (All Mothers and Children Count) project.

  • written by Barbara Peden, Summer newsletter 2019


Our PWRDF Montreal focus this year is primarily on the MNCH project, Maternal Newborn and Child Health. MNCH, covers maternal and newborn health, child health, immunization, nutrition, and health promotion. The purpose  is to support township health planning  in  Africa and service delivery in order to scale-up and strengthen access to health services. 

An event is being planned at the Glen ( MUHC Birthing centre) May 15th : The object of the visit is to learn of the birthing experiences here in Montreal and compare them with what is happening elsewhere, especially in the countries that are benefitting from the MNCH programme. 

The event will be a fundraiser 50% for the MUHC and 50% for the birthing centre. 

As noted on the blue bulletin board at the top of the stairs we have an opportunity to "Buy a Farm" to help with the All Mother's and Children count program.  Our own PRAM campaign will begin, one animal at a time, in the next few months. If anyone would like to make a contribution immediately, please indicate PWRDF-Down on the Farm with your offering envelope. There will also be further opportunities to contribute. 

Anne-Claude Geoffrion gave a presentation at our January PWRDF meeting of her December visit to Haiti with Canadian Foodgrains Bank (linked with PWRDF). We hope to have her visit to give her excellent presentation to us. 

The June 6th annual meeting will celebrate 60 years of PWRDF and Will Postma, Executive Director of PWRDF will be the speaker. 

Non PWRDF Mission News:

Bishop Mary visited the Masasi in July.  She reports "This past summer, we visited the Diocese of Masasi, one of our partner dioceses. We were overwhelmed by their generous welcome. A whole crowd of people had gathered at the edge of a village and were watching and waiting for us. When they spotted our vehicle, they burst into joyful singing and dancing. A brass band played in the back of a pickup truck. As we processed to the church in the center of the village, people ran to join in. At the door of the church, there was more singing and dancing and waving of palm branches. This kind of welcome was repeated many times in many places over our twelve days there. Together, we worshipped and shared our love of Jesus, the Church's One Foundation. I was so grateful to take your gifts to encourage the mission and ministry in Masasi." 

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela Manning 


  • Angela Andrews and Pamela Manning attended the PWRDF meetings; the focus this year was the Pikangikum water project. 

  • A poster was made for our bulletin board to highlight the initiative. 

  • During the summer to further the efforts of PWRDF for the PIKANGIKUM water project, PWRDF drafted 3 letters which were sent to 3 federal ministers. Over 40 parishioners participated. The parish received a 2 page letter from the government in response to the letters the parish sent about Pikangikum. This was posted it in the front entrance. 

  • September 30th there was a “Walk for Water” in LaSalle to further public awareness for Pikangikum. Three parishioners from St. Mark’s attended (Margaret Beattie, Yvonne Wakeland and Pamela Manning) 

  • In October at the PWRDF meeting there was a presentation by Dr. Evrard Nahimana: He is a medical Dr. from Rwanda and he spoke about the AMCC which is ‘All Mother Child Count’. The organization trains doctors, nurses and mothers. In 1994, at the time of the genocide, life expectancy was 27 years. Today it is 65. School is now free and 64% in Congress are women. It was a very uplifting presentation.

  • As of November PWRDF had collected $14k of the targeted $20K for Pikangikum. PWRDF Montreal will continue with this project until May 2018. In June a new project will be determined. 

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela Manning