The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage and the Celebration and the Blessing of a Civil Marriage (a way of recognizing before God the promises made in a civil wedding and asking God's blessing on the marriage) are services we joyfully celebrate in our beautiful main sanctuary and in our picturesque original chapel. Over the years the understanding of marriage in society and in the Anglican Church has evolved, and the Anglican Diocese of Montreal supports full marriage equality for all couples. The Church has always maintained and continues to maintain that entering into a lifelong covenant with another person is an expression and an extension of God's love.  "God is Love," as is stated in the First Letter of John.  It is right and good for such a covenant to be made in the context of public worship since every individual relationship is supported by a larger community.

The Anglican Church has always sought to honour tradition while also listening for how the Holy Spirit is calling us to embody the love of God in new ways.  Most liturgies (formats for public worship), including those for the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage and the Blessing of a Civil Marriage, contain a mix of tradition and innovation. When our parish priest officiates at marriages or blessings in the church, she generally follows one of these liturgical formats.  If you are seeking to be married or to have a ceremony of blessing of your relationship, please contact the church office at   

Above photo taken in our chapel is by TGVphoto.

Wedding Fees

Clergy                  Honorarium at couple’s discretion.  Generally $150-200.

Organist               $200

Bulletin                $50

Sexton                  $250 deposit cheque, not to be cashed unless space is left dirty

Altar Guild           $50 if Eucharist is included

Use of space       $400 ($600 if wedding party brings in outside clergy; liability insurance also required).

If couple does premarital preparation in-house, the Prepare-Enrich online assessment will charge a fee of $35 US.